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▲ Joe Fleece, CFO, and Jonathan Jones, CEO

Extending Your Vision

We understand what it means to build a business from the ground up.

Why Jones Capital? We’re Your Private Equity Partners.

The success you’ve achieved wouldn’t have happened without vision, dedication and the tenacity to trust your instincts even when others might have wavered. You took the risk; you fulfilled the dream and now you’ve come to the next stage. Perhaps you’re considering opportunities to expand or you might be looking to transition the business while keeping your legacy intact. This is what we do.

We provide your company with dynamic ideas and deep resources that can take you to the next level. We offer direct experience in mid-market businesses like yours, so we only care about one thing–what works. We’re here to take your businesses to new places, together.


Our Culture

Experience. Vision. Values.

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Proven leadership. Proven results.

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People matter. Relationships matter. It all begins with trust.

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A 70-year heritage of success.

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