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We realize that your business is unique with its own set of challenges and opportunities. So Jones is here to help you reach the next level with complete access to all of our experience, tools and resources.

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T O O L K I T 


Our Talent

It all starts with talent. Nothing matters more for your future than great people at every level. We support finding and empowering best-in-class talent through exceptional recruiting and human resources.

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Our Training

We invest in your employees with leadership development and training initiatives from the C-suite to the field. Through well-designed compensation packages, we also create strong alignment for common goals throughout the organization.

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Strategic Development

We believe that strategy is a team sport. Great strategies are built through the collaboration of dedicated people with diverse perspectives and skillsets. Great strategies fit with the culture, mission, vision and values of the organization and build upon a consistent, long-range strategic planning process.

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Infrastructure Building

We invest in mission-critical business systems including ERP, CRM, and HRIS systems. We sweat the details to create appropriate control and governance structures and to facilitate the creation of KPIs and other business information tools. We leverage Jones’ deep network of vendors to put the right expertise at your service.

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Goal Setting

Goals matter. Building a clear path to achieve your goals matters even more. We work with your team to accelerate growth and expand margins. That might mean taking a closer look at sales and business development resources, digital marketing, or evaluating strategic pricing and sourcing.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

While not appropriate for every business and strategy, expanding through acquisitions has been a proven strategy for Jones Capital. We have deep experience in creating – and funding – an M&A strategy that can rapidly accelerate growth and create industry leaders.

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Investment Strategy

What we look for...

We believe our investment criteria for long-term capital growth and success means investing in people and not companies.

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