February 21, 2017

Spot Forms – Forms Made Simple

Spot Forms - Forms Made Simple

SPOT, a leader in pipeline and materials traceability, is launching a new mobile application that can be used on any construction project, anywhere to collect field data. This application is called SPOT Forms and is utilized on smartphones and tablets, storing data securely in the cloud. SPOT Forms eliminates the need for pen and paper forms and reduces any redundant processes. Simply complete all forms on your mobile device and the information will be available immediately to you and your colleagues.

Critical information collected on pipeline and power line projects for safety and inspection purposes can be available as soon as it is entered. With SPOT Forms, we take your forms and turn them into a simple mobile format allowing easy data input and eliminates legibility issues. Submissions can even be formatted to resemble your paper form. “Even as a ‘tech’ company, we realize technology alone is not an answer. We must first have the right people and the right processes,” says Jason Dunn, president of SPOT. “SPOT Forms simply empowers people and processes to be their best.”  SPOT Forms can support your people and processes by reducing office data entry, minimizing legibility issues, and reducing the likelihood of data loss.

In short, it’s Forms Made Simple. SPOT Forms has many features including, but not limited to,

  • Data that is immediately accessible and searchable
  • Unlimited forms, submissions and storage
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Location Services, including integrated mapping and GPS tracking
  • Secure transfer/storage and role-based permissions
  • Multimedia capture

The applications and uses are abundant with SPOT Forms. Industries such as Inspection, Safety, Power Line, Oil and Gas, Construction and Manufacturing, and Field Services can rely on SPOT Forms to create a streamlined workflow. Want to see SPOT Forms for yourself? For more information or a demo, visit SPOTforms.com or call 844.778.PIPE.


Spot is a simple pipeline and materials traceability application designed to set an industry standard for all data collection and communication surrounding pipe and pipe logistics. Utilizing smart phones and tablets allows real-time data entry with updates directly from the field without downtime.


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