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Big Black River

Timberland and Timber Reserves

Big Black River boasts 55,000 acres of timberland and timber reserves.


Swampy woods


Codaray Construction

Commercial Construction

Codaray Construction combines the construction expertise of industry professionals with high-quality customer service.



Foundation AI logo

Foundation AI

Artificial Intelligence

For organizations seeking to improve document processing accuracy, speed, and efficiency, Foundation AI delivers transformative AI-powered solutions that streamline labor-intensive processes, reduce costs, and optimize decision-making.

Foundation AI

FV recycling logo

FV Recycling

Commercial Recycling and Waste Management

FV Recycling maintains an all-inclusive set of industrial and commercial waste recycling solutions with custom programs for businesses across the southeast United States.


FV Recycling

Greenscreens.ai logo


IT Services and Consulting

greenscreens.ai is a dynamic pricing infrastructure for the freight market that delivers buy and sell-side market intelligence and business insights to help you grow and protect your margins.




Jones Concrete

Construction & Roadways

Commercial ready-mix concrete services.

Company add ons:

  • Acquired by Delta Industries (2011)
Jones Concrete

Jones Logistics-1

Jones Logistics

Trucking, Logistics

Regardless of industry, the team at Jones Logistics locates the right resources for any transportation or logistics requirement.


Jones Logistics 18-wheeler truck with red

Jones Lumber-1

Jones Lumber


Shipping high-quality hardwood and lumber products domestically and internationally, Jones Lumber has been setting the standard in the timber industry for over 70 years.


Construction vehicle hauling a tree trunk in a muddy lumber yard.


Jones Power

Midstream and Renewables

Jones Power offers complete services for the energy sector, including rail logistics, civil construction, transport, storage and staging, installation, traceability, and environmental controls and landscaping.


Jones Power



Capacity Management Technology

Offering Capacity Management technology for Digital Freight Brokerage Teams, Parade connects its customers to more capacity so they can move more freight, book loads faster, and grow business.



Portabull logo


Electric Cold Storage Rentals

Portabull helps businesses prepare for a season or scale for growth with the industry's highest-quality electric cold storage container rentals. Whether you're a local flower shop preparing for Valentine's Day, a big box store looking to meet your ESG goals, or a grocer who needs more space, Portabull can help.


Portabull-Picture Large

PortaBull Fuel (2)-1

Portabull Fuel

On-Site Fuel Solutions

PortaBull Fuel’s state of the art fuel tanks provide remote worksites with fuel onsite for trucks and machinery eliminating concerns related to fuel shortage.


Red fuel trailer with the

PWI Supply-1

PWI Supply

Supply Chain

Serving the energy industry for more than 20 years, with access to nearly 1,000,000 items, from over 400 manufacturers.

Company Add-ons:

  • Acquired by Cross Country Infrastructure Services (2016)
PWI Supply


Rockport Terminals

Private Port

With more than 250 acres of industrial land, Rockport Terminals offers clear access to the Intracoastal Waterway, nearby railways, and many major highways.


Barge in waterway pulling cargo.

TAG logo vector-1

Tax Advisors Group

Business Services & Technology

Tax Advisors Group is a leading property tax consulting firm with a national reach, specializing in minimizing business and personal property taxes.


TAG Group



Data Solutions

TRU helps industrial partners modernize their data collection for greater accuracy, efficiency, and planning with a digital alternative to pen and paper. With TRU’s proven digitalization tools for data management, coupled with ongoing support from an expert team, TRU provides scalable and easily adopted solutions that optimize operations and ease compliance concerns.


Tru Solutions

Yak Access-1-1

Yak Access

Access Mats

Company Add-ons:

  • New South (2016)
  • BluRoc (2017)
  • Klein (2019)




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