Jeff Dillon

President of Jones Pipeline Services

Jeff Dillon is the President of Jones Pipeline Services, a subsidiary of Jones Companies, based in Hattiesburg, MS. He oversees pipe logistics and operations thought out the United States. He began his career with Jones Companies in 2005 and has provided the company with exceptional leadership. During his tenure with Pipeline Services, it has offloaded/handled over 10,000 miles of pipe.

Jeff has truly worked his way up the corporate ladder in Jones Companies, with positions as director of Pipeline Services, project management, estimating, and maintenance management. Before coming to Jones Companies, he previously worked with steel companies as a supervisor on multiple project locations in the Louisiana area. Jeff was the sole owner of J&J Steel, Inc. from 1992 to 1997.

Jeff and his wife, Candace, have been married for the past 28 years and they reside in Hattiesburg, MS. They have two children and one granddaughter; a daughter, Cherish Seal, and son, Cole Dillon, and granddaughter, Kynlee Seal.