March 2, 2017

Jones Logistics’ Bryan Stewart Presented At TMC Annual Meeting

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Bryan Stewart, director of Maintenance for Jones Logistics, had the honor to serve as a panelist during the  Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) annual meeting for the “Deeper Dive into Aftertreatment Systems – Technical Session.”  TMC is a part of the American Trucking Association (ATA) and serves to improve transportation equipment, improve how the equipment is maintained and to develop recommendations and practices for fleets.

During the annual meeting, Stewart discussed his involvement in the S.3 Engine Study Group where he shared insights on what sets Jones Logistics apart from other industry counterparts in maintenance practices. Many fleet representatives say “Exhaust After Treatment Systems” are among the highest cost in the industry. This is not the case for Jones Logistics. Stewart explained the paths he and his team have taken to achieve success with these new systems.

Stewart is also among 15 members accepted into the 2017 inaugural class of “TMC of Tomorrow.” He will represent Jones Logistics alongside other companies such as FedEx, Pepsico, Swift, Clarke Power Services, Ozark Motor Lines, Dunbar Armored, and Travel Centers of America. As a member, Bryan will train for two years to become a future leader in the TMC.

About Jones Logistics

Started in 1999, Jones Logistics is a contract carrier providing diversified hauling of line pipe, biomass, dedicated van, and other flatbed freight. They maintain a modern fleet of over 110 trucks to capitalize on fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

About Jones Companies

Jones Companies was founded in 1949 as a small lumber business in south Mississippi. During several logging expeditions, a need emerged for temporary access ways to transport heavy equipment through wetlands. This prompted the design of construction mats, which led to the discovery and development of products and services in the energy industry. Today, Jones consists of 12 privately owned entities including construction mat leasing, pipeline pipe logistics, pipe traceability software, portable refrigerated storage equipment, paper and plastics recycling, mobile fuel management, as well as other products and services that support power line and pipeline companies.