Family Values From the Start

Jones was founded in 1949 as a small lumber business in south Mississippi. During several logging expeditions, a need emerged for temporary access ways to transport heavy equipment through wetlands. This prompted the design of construction mats, which led to the discovery and development of products and services for the energy industry.


Jones Lumber Company was started by Lloyd Jones as a local sawmill.


After experiencing an increase in demand on the mat production side of the business, Brett Jones began Dixie Mat and Hardwood.


Jones Brothers Trucking, LP was established. As our saw mills and chip mills flourished, we added a fleet of trucks to haul the mill by products. While we continue to run this legacy fleet we have added multiple divisions that provide various services.


Once known as Fiber Vision Recycling, FV Recycling was added to the Jones Companies to support the local businesses recycling needs.


Jones Ready Mix sold its first load of concrete on July 6,  2002.  The plant was opened to support Jones Lumber and DixieMat.


As a way to diversify outside of the energy field, PortaBull Storage was launched for on-site cold storage needs at retailers.


Growing demand in the energy sector for fuel solutions prompted the creation of PortaBull Fuel Solutions.


Spot Traceability brought a new technological advance by offering mobile pipe traceability.


To expand matting capabilities throughout North America, Dixie Mat and Beasley Forest Products-Matting Division merged and became YAK MAT.


As our logistics groups continue to grow and diversify there was a need to align the branding under the Jones name. Jones Brothers trucking changed to Jones Logistics and JB Transport changed to Jones Transport.


To further expand our access capabilities, the Jones Companies acquired New South Access and Environmental Solutions. New South's service offerings are an ideal compliment to YAK MATS hardwood mat inventory.

Here For Generations to Come

Jones is more than a company and more than a place to work. It's a place to grow, to make long-term friends, to expand and share your knowledge, and it's a place to give back. As the Jones Companies grow, so do our people and our communities.  It's our mission, our vision, and our passion.

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